Art. 1 : The race


​​The A.S.D. TRANSEO, represented by his president Pasquale Brandi, supported by IUTA - Italian Association of Ultramarathon and Trail organizes the 2° edition of the 6 Days UMF - WINTER EDITION a multi distances competitive running race ( 1000 MILES, 10 DAYS, 1000 K, 6 - 24 - 48 HOURS, 50 K, 100 MILES, 6 DAYS, 100 K, MARATHONS.
Will be accepted and ranked walkers too.
The competition is recognized by FIDAL and has obtained the BRONZE LABEL IAU.
The 1000 MILES starts on  MARCH 3 at 15.00 and stops on March 20 at 15.00.
The 10 DAYS starts on  MARCH 10 at 15.00 and stops on March 20 at 15.00.
The 1000 K starts on  MARCH 10 at 15.00 and stops on March 20 at 15.00.


The 6 DAYS starts on  MARCH 14 at 15.00 and stops on March 20 at 15.00.
The 100 MILES and 48 HOURS race starts on MARCH 18 at 15.00 and stops on March 20 at 15.00.
The 100 K and 24 HOURS race starts on MARCH 19 at 15.00 and stops on March 20 at 15.00.
Every day there will be "Marathons" , 50 K, 6 Hours races with free start (when you want)


Winners will be those who reach more kilometers ( or less time... ) within their own category.
Art. 2 : Competitors


Foreign athletes members of a foreign club affiliated to the IAAF, must complete ( and send... ) the specific self-certification :
Other competitors  need to have the RUNCARD AND a medical certificate valid in Italy  ( see the link : ).
In case athletes do not exhibit required documentation, he/she will be excluded from the race: in that case, no refund will be due.
Art. 3 : Registrations


Each participants will fill in the format on the official website.
Registrations will close 6 days before the competition selected.
Art. 4 : Unsubscribing from the race


Unsubscribing has to be sent by registered mail to the following address: A.S.D. TRANSEO c/o Pasquale Brandi, 34 Vescovado Street, 85100 Potenza (PZ) Italy ; OR by mail :
Unsubscribing has to be sent not later than 1 March 2020.
PENALTIES : For each cancellation request, 25 euros will be  charged for administrative expenses.
Art. 5 : Race numbers


For runners of the 1000 Miles race, 10 Days1000 K races and 6 Days race, the bibs will be assigned the evening before the race during the awarding ceremony. For all other runners, the bibs numbers will be assigned in the morning ( before the competition, at reception ). It is mandatory to wear the bib in visible way for the whole competition: in case of dismay or deterioration, inform immediately a staff member who will opportunely provide.
Art. 6 : Penalties


It is absolutely forbidden to leave traces. Anyone is caught throwing objects outside garbage collectors will be immediately disqualified. Analogous penalty will be inflicted for the same actions completed by own crew.
​Getting into a vehicle will involve the immediate disqualification. No cut of the track. A penalty of 10 kilometers will be inflicted as damage to the other competitors: after a second penalty disqualification will automatically.
Art. 7 : Ranking


An overall masculine and female ranking will be drawn up for each of the specialties.
6 DAYS UMF International Trophy.

Each nation will be represented by the sum of kilometers runs by its best 2 competitors ( at least 2 competitors for each nation ).
Art. 8 : Awarding


The top 3 winners (male or female) will be rewarded; medal and personalized t-shirt to all participants.
Will be a NATIONAL TEAMS Ranking ( the best 2 runners - or more...) for each nation.
Art. 9 :  Controversies


Contorversies will be soon resolved by the Director of the Race. All his decisions are definitive.
Art. 10  : Rights of image


With the registration of the competition, every competitor expressly authorizes the organizer to use or reproduce or make to reproduce his/her own name, image, voice and his/her own sporting performance within the competition, for a direct or indirect use and on any mean and support. The rights of image are of organizer propriety.
Art. 11  : Timing


Timing will be electronic. At the end of the competitions (announced by a firecracker) athletes will put on the ground the adhesive part of the race number to allow the staff the measurement of the space " odd " run.
The timing will be guaranteed from: TEMPOGARA
Art. 12 : Doping


Is forbidden the use of SUBSTANCES PROHIBITED according by WADA LIST
It is also forbidden whatever type of intravenous, subcutaneous or intramuscular injection. Athletes in pharmacological therapy must inform the Race Director.


​If athlete violates such norms and rules, he/she will be disqualified and not be able to participate in the following race editions.

Art. 13 : Withdrawal


Every runner dropped out the race has to inform the organization staff, by delivering the proper race number.
Art. 14 : Health service


For runners of 1000 Miles, 10 Days and 1000 K races, a doctor will be available on call ( for a fee ) from 5 to 14 of March.
Starting March 15th a medical assistance will be available for the duration of the race with a doctor always present.  An physioterapist too will be at disposal for the competition time.

Art. 15 : Race Course


The race course is along an asphalted ring ( 1082 meters )
absolutely flat. All athletes services as wc, change garments, personal restocking, massages, spaces for standstill or rest are usable without leaving the course or crossing more space.
Art. 16 : Fairplay


The competition is long and stressful as it requires a self - comparison for a long period. Nevertheless, for respect towards the organization (as well as civil visitors), behaviors and offensive words are not accepted. In case, there will be the immediate disqualification and the inability to be to the following editions.
Art. 17 : Entry Fee
The entry fee includes :
  • Free shuttle service FROM Bus / Train Station TO Camping ( on appointment )
  • ACCOMODATION in BUNGALOWS ( 3 / 4 people ) 2 rooms, 2 beds each room ( bedclothes ), bathroom and toilet ( towels ), kitchen full equipped ( fridge, plates, glasses, kitchen furniture for 4 persons ), terrace whit table and seats, air conditioning, mosquito net on windows ).
RUNNERS OF 1000 MILES, 10 DAYS and 1000 K RACES, will share the bungalow in 2 ; they will have 3 abundant hot meals a day (self service), soups available (microwaves) and hot and cold drinks.
OR Personal Tent / Van / Car ( pitch )
  • Toilets and Showers "on" Track
  • All necessary FOOD and DRINKS during the competition ( H - 24 for 6 days - 15 / 21 March ).
  • " Pasta party " before races
  • Graduation's Party
  • Tecnical T-SHIRT, medal, gadgets
  • Electronin Timing System with " LIVE RANKING " on a big screen and on Internet
If you want differents accomodations, please contact directly the race's organizator:
Pasquale Brandi   
mail :
Facebook :
Art. 18 : The CHALLENGE
Complete 20 MARATHONS in the 6 days of competition and you will not pay anything AND to the next edition of the 6 DAYS UMF you can participate for free.
RULES ARE EASY...if you don't complete all 20 marathons, you will pay marathons run.
Do you prefer 6 Days race ?
In the 6 DAYS running race if you run 843.9 KM or more, you don't pay anything AND to the next edition of the 6 DAYS UMF you can participate for free.
Art. 19 : Runners and Companions.

The access to the restaurant is RESERVED to RUNNERS, CREWS that reside inside the Policoro Village and to the MEMBERS of the STAFF.
To access the restaurant is necessary to show the plastic bracelet ( or bib number ) furnished by the organization.